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Photovoltaic Solar Panels are our core competency at Solar Energy USA and the systems we deliver are on the cutting edge in terms of energy efficiency, power output and the latest technology。 Our professional team of certified solar installers & technicians are committed to working with you in the design of your new system to realize your goals for saving。

Solar PV Panels At A Glance

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home Or Business
  • Protect Yourself From Rising Power Costs
  • Monitor Your Power Production On Your Mobile Device
  • Expertly Installed By Our NABCEP Certified Solar Team
  • Custom Designed To Meet Your Goals

How It Works

An End-Run Around Your Power Company

[SinglePic not found]When you install a solar panel system it becomes the primary power source for you home。 Your home solar array is connected to the power grid which becomes your backup power source in the event you need more power than your solar energy system can provide。

极品斗地主During the day, sunlight is absorbed by the solar panels and sent into the home for energy consumption. If nothing inside the home needs power (most people are at work during the day), this solar energy instead goes back into the power grid. Your local power provider will give you a credit for all of the solar energy your home solar array produces and sends back. At night there is no sun so you must pull energy from the grid to power everything within the home.

The power company charges you on a monthly basis for all of the power you use。 With a solar panel installation for your home, the power company charges you the difference between what you draw from the grid and what you put back into the grid。 This process is referred to as ‘Net Metering’ which just means you are charged the net difference of the power you buy less the solar power you sell。 In the event that you sell back more solar power in a given month, the power company issues you a credit on that month’s power bill。

Product Features

  • 25 year warranty with 40+ year expected system life
  • Monitor power production on your PC, tablet or phone 24/7
  • Keep track of the energy you produce & the money you save
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Works with our EV Charging Stations

Product Options

  • Plug-and-play options for partial or full systems
  • Grid-tied, bi-modal, and off-grid system options
  • Roof mount, ground mount, and tracking system options

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