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Serving Richmond, East Highland Park, Lakeside, Bon Air, Tuckahoe, Mechanicsville, Laurel, Highland Springs, Glen Allen, Chester, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, and Culpeper。

Richmond Solar Products & Services

Solar Energy USA of Richmond, Virginia offers commercial solar solutions and energy efficient T5 lighting。 In the State of Virginia a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) was enacted in 2007 calling for 15% of the power sold in Virginia to come from renewable energy sources like solar power by 2025 (RPS Goal IV)。 Virginia’s net metering law requires local utilities to monitor how much energy a solar power system produces compared to how much energy is consumed by that structure and give a credit for any excess solar energy。

Dominion Virginia Power’s Solar Purchase Program allows for qualifying businesses to generate and sell electricity and solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) directly to Dominion. The program is designed to help customers cover the cost of installing solar power while also promoting more local solar energy production. The Solar Purchase Program is available to eligible customers for an initial five-year period, and participants of the program will be credited for their solar energy production at a rate of 15 cents per kWh. Contact Solar Energy USA of Richmond, VA to find out more about powering your Virginia business with a solar energy system.

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  • NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Net Zero USA for Industry
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