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Fighting back against Pollution

Fighting back against Pollution

31 Mar 2015

Solar Energy is often touted as a clean green alternative to fossil fuels, but when people think of clean energy they assume it’s all about reducing CO2 emissions. In truth, switching to solar power protects both the environment and the health of your neighborhood.

When you pay your energy bills, you are being charged for more than just the cost of the fuel。 The costs of transporting the energy to your home, building new power plants, operations and maintenance of the grid are paid for by the utility and in turn raise your utility bills。 However, there are health and environmental costs that you have to pay over and above your energy bills which are known as externalities。

The most well-known externality is the pollution released into the environment by the burning of fossil fuels。 When coal is burned to produce electricity, contaminates seep into the local air, water, and soil which can be toxic to people living there。 In addition to CO2 toxins such as Mercury, Thallium, Cadmium, and Arsenic are all byproducts of coal-fired power plants。 The damage caused by these toxins might not be felt for decades, and there is no incentive for the polluters to clean up their act。

Without the intervention of both regulatory agencies and concerned citizens, the status quo will be maintained, and the externalities will continue to cause harm unchecked。 Thankfully, there are people and organizations who are dedicated to protecting their environment, their neighborhood, and their families from dangerous pollutants, and great victories have been won in recent years。

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